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The purpose of the seminar was to discover whether landowners had development potential and what to do if it did.

As a land or property owner, you’ll no doubt appreciate that you possess a valuable asset. But are you aware of all the development opportunities available to you? And if you have already applied for Planning Consent with a view to selling, did you know that there are potentially more lucrative options open to you that are often overlooked? Put simply: your land could be worth more than you think.

Could you develop on the land yourself by taking out a commercial loan or enter a joint venture with a developer? If this is daunting, we can discuss your financing options until you feel comfortable.


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Fall in Lending to SMEs in the Property Sector
Bank lending to SMEs in the property sector has fallen 9% in the last year from £13.9bn to £12.7bn, according to commercial lender Ortus Secured Finance. However, manufacturing was one of three sectors to see an increase in lending last year with SMEs in industry enjoying an 11% rise to £6.3bn.
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