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Last week our founding partner was invited onto The Property Geek's ( podcast to discuss how peer to peer platforms can be used as a valuable source of finance for a huge range of property projects. The podcast looks at the following:

You’ve probably heard of peer-to-peer (or P2P) finance, and you might be aware of the bigger platforms like Zopa and Funding Circle. But you might not have thought to turn to peer-to-peer for your property project – or be aware of how many different options there are.
In this episode I speak to James Wallis from Aben Financial – a commercial finance advisor with a particularly deep knowledge of the peer-to-peer sector.
Listen to this week’s show and learn:
What the P2P sector looks like
Who should consider using it, and for which types of project
The three main advantages compared to bank financing
The range of costs you’re likely to pay
The risks to be aware of
How to choose the right platform for your project
How to maximise your chances of getting funded by presenting your project in the right way
Where to get started if you’re interested in using P2P

Listen to the episode in full here: